Sunday, November 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I recently moved into a new apartment that is huge by comparison to anywhere else I've lived. My favorite part about moving somewhere new is unpacking and putting the new space together. Because this place is so much larger, I had a lot of holes. In the living room, I needed chairs, a shelf for the tv-- that multi-tasks as organizational space-- and a coffee table.

When picking the new furnishings, I wanted to make sure the colors, patterns and styles worked together. A good way to do that is making a collage of the materials' colors and textures and see if they play well together.

A. Area Rug; B. Sofa; C. Blanket; D. Pillow; E. Coffee Table; F. Basket; G. Lamp of Corks; H. Chairs
After making the final choices on the colors and textures, this is how everything ended up in the living room:

Happy designing. Feel free to comment, and if you need specific help, let me know!

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