Sunday, November 13, 2011

Practice Projects


My name is Krystle and currently I am a student finishing my last year of school towards my Interior Design degree. I wanted to start this blog to provide ideas, tips and inspiration, since I am still in school, I thought I would share with you some of the projects that I have completed.

Here are two examples:

In one class we had to design a custom table. We partnered with another student, asked questions, and made tables. My 'client' was a single woman in her early 20s, who loves all things make-up. She goes to make up shows and practices fun application styles in her free time. So I decided to give her something inspired by her passion... make up! The legs are designed like lipstick tubes, and the top is like a giant compact, that opens up with a polished nickle piano hinge with a mirror on the inside. It is lacquered in various pinks, with black and silver accents. The design is modern and chic, and can actually be used to store make up, or even to sit at and apply make up! Best of all, she loved it!

These are the drawings of the table. On the left the table is shown in plan, front and side elevations, and section. The image on the right, is a rendering of what the table might look like once constructed and in place.

The next project was a studio apartment up on a hillside in California with a window wall facing the Pacific. We had to plan the space, specify the materials and choose the lighting.

In this project, I let the beach inspire me for the colors and the materials. I also specified sustainable materials. From the ground up: The flooring is dark bamboo wood planks. The counters are a man-made granite in the color of wet sand. The back splash is made up of glass tiles in blues, sandy browns, and frosted whites, and it reminds me of sea glass.

From left to right, the upholstery fabrics are for the sofa, in a light sand color, with the texture of grass cloth; the bright orange adds a pop of color to the window benches, and as toss pillows; the blue is on the accent chair, and also made into toss pillows, and the rich brown is used as piping around the edges of the sofa, chair and window bench to add an element that ties them together, and accentuates there shapes.

On the left of the board, you will see the bedroom details. The striped fabric is used for the bedding. The reclaimed wood is used to assemble a custom wall/headboard, that measures 5'Hx7'Wx1'D creating a boundary between the social and private areas, an interesting textural wall on the living room side, and a sturdy headboard on the bedroom side.

Happy designing. Feel free to comment, and if you need specific help, let me know!

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