Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Spirit of Giving

Today it is just a few days before Hanukkah and a week before Christmas. So with the holidays so close, I wanted to talk about some ways that the interior design industry is giving back, and some ways you can help out!

One of the fabulous rooms at the Holiday House. Photo Courtesy of

Holiday House is an event in Manhattan that showcases designer's interpretations of the holidays throughout the year. You can buy tickets online or at the door, and the proceeds go to support Susan G Komen. The rooms are so wonderfully done. They are beautiful and inspiring. If you live in New York City, or a neighboring town, it is definitely worth popping in and getting inspired.

Another great way to give design, is by asking a local designer to give new life to old furniture pieces for a charity auction. Material Girls in Dallas did just this, and there re-vamped pieces are gorgeous!

There are plenty of other charitable events pertaining to Design, and a whole lot more that don't. But the idea is that it is the season to give, so do a little search to see what you can find in your area, you can have a fun time attending an event, and feel good knowing that you are helping to benefit a good cause. You can also volunteer for a lot of these events, as another way to give back.

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  1. Cool! Our League used to do a holiday house tour as our big fundraiser. It was very popular, but it's hard to get a dozen or so homes to decorate and open to the public for several days here at the holidays!!