Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's a girl!

Here is the next consulting job I finished for the same family. Their little girl's room!

Same story here with the before pictures, no kids aloud! The clients were having a hard time locating the crib in the space. They didn't want it glued to the wall. They wanted to keep the room light and neutral, with an extra bed in the room for overnight guests, and for when baby EW grows up. Here is how we tackled all of these issues:

We used all white furniture, to keep it light and bright in the space. We used some existing furniture, like the crib dresser, and rocking chair and gave them a fresh coat of white paint.

Putting the book shelf against this wall, with the rocking chair set in front of it makes a cozy little reading corner for story time.
 Giving Baby EW her own corner doll house, will give her space to play where there are no brothers allowed!
 Anchoring the crib in the corner, but extending it into the center of the room, makes it feel like a nest for baby to cozy up in for all her z's.

The colors in the room were mostly whites and grays with splashes of pink.
The twin bed in the room is set into a very minimal white platform bed with soft gray and cream floral bedding. We dressed it with many pillows like a daybed. It can be used for climbing, reading, snuggling etc, until she is out of the crib.

This room is fit for a baby! But it can easily transition little EW into her teen years, by simply moving out the crib, swapping out the mini book shelf for a desk with possible wall mounted shelving above, and repositioning the bed, this room will last this family a long time.

Having a room that will grow with your kids is key when designing for the little ones. You don't want to have to put in the cost and effort to redo the entire thing, when you can put together something classic, that can shift through the phases with them.

Happy Designing! Please remember to comment with questions!

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  1. Love how simple and "clean" it is with the pink and white. Sweet!!