Sunday, March 11, 2012

Play time!

Here is a cozy play-space, I worked on. The challenges here were to create a space, that runs fluidly with the rest of the house, which has an extremely open floor plan. To organize the toys to create better play-ability. To position some seating and furnishings in an area surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, and to incorporate the mini drum-set that was a holiday gift.

We kept everything neutrally painted as it was already finished withing the color scheme of the home. This also allows the room to maintain bright and airy. Although it is plenty bright naturally from the windows, at night the bright neutral colors with the layered lighting help playtime continue after dark. We placed an area rug in the space butting up against some structural columns, defining the play zone. We positioned 2 chairs for grown-ups, and a tiny table with chairs to boot, that is just right for building or crafting on,  plus it was a steal at a local thrift shop! We positioned it like a coffee table, rather than centering it, so that there is also ample floor play space. We flanked one window wall with a sleek small console table, and an additional accent table behind the sofa in the living room. These tables give the area physical boundaries to help section the space visually, while simultaneously provide more toy storage!
The other big thing are the big cozy floor pillows, which can be tossed down wherever to sit down and play. There was an existing built in shelving unit, that we painted the wall color to keep it blended in. We have stocked this shelf with an eclectic mix of baskets filled with organized toys, photos, and art work. The drum-set even found a space alongside some big costume bins, making it the first thing the kids run to when entering the space... or is that not such a good thing? ;-)

We used a lot of subtle tones in this space, the pops of color come from the art, toys, and little red chairs. The textures of the wicker chairs, soft area rug, woven floor pillow, and the patterns as well. For being a kid centered space, I sure wouldn't mind hanging out here!

What do you think? Would you let your kids play here?

Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions about your own child friendly spaces, comment away! I would love to address your concerns in my next blog post which is the final post in this series of kid friendly spaces. Happy Designing!

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  1. Well, given that I have fur-kids... ;) I love wicker and I adore the color scheme. It's one of the most pleasing kiddo-centric spaces I've seen. Bravo!