Sunday, March 25, 2012

Playing with Color & Texture

Colors can make a huge impact. Spinning off the child's play theme we've been using, you can see how colors can make a room. They should be used everywhere, whether in small or large doses.

Often we think, "it needs to be a bold wall color in order to make an impact." However, color can be placed in small doses, in subtle locations. Sometimes, it is best to use a color-scheme based off of neutrals, or very muted colors that you can add bold splashes to as your taste changes. If you use subtle patterns, textures and colors of the same gradation, and mix in coordinating vivid colors, through window treatments, chair cushions, or even something as simple as throw pillows, you can change your look at the drop of a hat.

Layering your room is much like layering your outfit.
Be mindful of textures, patterns, and how you can mix in colors.
Start from the ground up. Your basic elements of your space, your flooring and walls.
Add your large pieces. Maybe an area rug to offset the cold feeling of a stone floor. You choose a sofa upholstered with a great tweed for visual texture.
Bring in some fun chairs to scale, with great details in the back, and a playfully colored seat cushion.
Then add some long flowing drapes in a whimsical design, that subtly adds another interesting element.

Then you can frame prints with textural elements to hang in your space. Here are two I found just by searching online:

Keep in mind the longevity of a living space. Unlike your outfits, you won't change it daily. You can, however, change it (seasonally, annually, etc.,) based on your own needs and interests. Choose pieces that aren't super trendy and use a trend you love as a starting point, then think of ways to change it based on your personal taste.

Flirt with the trends, while implementing your own twist.

I know, I know.. This was a wordy post. I hope you made it through to the end. Next week, will be almost entirely photos to balance it out.

Happy Designing! Please comment and let me know if you have any specific design trends you need help imlementing in your space!


  1. Whew. Glad to hear I don't "need" a whole wall of color. I like the idea of colors in the accents, so when I want something fresh, it's not a pain to change.

  2. Hmmmh - do that weird room. The one between the front door and the french doors. I don't know what to do with it. g