Sunday, April 29, 2012

President's Office

Our latest school project was to redesign the President's office. The exciting thing about this project is that, one of the three design teams would be chosen to have their design executed over the Summer of 2012, so I could potentially have something great to show you in the Fall.
I was paired with two extremely creative, and smart women: Viviana Velazquez, and Suraya Raine.

Here is what we came up with:
There are the best images we got of our presentation boards. This image shows the floor plan of the space which contains the Administrative Assistant's office, the President's office, the Conference Room, Kitchenette and Bathroom Space, and a small copy room.

We wanted to incorporate a flow through the space so we implemented a lot of glass along the outside wall, so from the hallway, you get a more open look (through frosted glass) and feel. We suggested having a window cling made of the Norwalk Community College emblem made, and put on the main outside window, which you can see on the second illustration.

We kept a lot of the existing furniture, painted it white, and changed the desktops out to ones with subtle curves. We have included a lot of shelving and storage space. In the President's office there were existing built-in shelves, which we kept, but again, painted white, changed the configuration of them to add spaces to showcase student artwork. Because we added these art spaces within the shelves, we have also put in under-cabinet lighting to properly showcase the art. 

Here in the kitchen and bath space, we switched out some of the appliances, from a full oven/stove, to a two-burner stove top, allowing not only more counter space, but functional drawer space to go in below. We were also able to find a compact Energy Star refrigerator/freezer combo that fits below the counter. We painted the cabinetry white, and found the above vertical grayish/blue white striped paper to use as the back-splash.

Wallpaper is an easy to clean and inexpensive option in a kitchen like this that isn't going to be used for excessive cooking. We pulled the blue color out and painted it in the space above the microwave to add more color in the small kitchen. We also put in a sunny yellow counter-top material, that is made out of recycled paper! You can find it here.

In the bathroom, we kept things the same, with the exception of a fresh coat of paint, some wainscoting, a new mirror, and some wall sconces. The larger mirror gives the allusion of more space. The sconces and warmth and dimension by layering the lighting.

In the conference room we just rotated the focus of the space, used a horse-shoe arrangement for the tables, and put in a Smart Board. We altered the closet openings to be sliding doors, instead of regular hinged doors, and they now go across the entire closet. We have put in a closet system with a lot of shelving for ample storage.

The last thing we did was re-arrange the layout of the coat closet and the printer space. We turned the coat closet so that it opens into the copy room now as opposed to opening into the secretaries office. By doing this we were able to open up the copy room and give more space for someone to get into the closet and use the space. We found a smaller printer, that has the same capabilities.

We wanted to create a more fluid space while incorporating influences of multiculturalism. This is a community college, but, there are people within this school from all over the world. We wanted this to feel like a cohesive space that could speak to any of these individuals. We accomplished this through the lines, curves, and color scheme. We have proposed that this color scheme be implemented throughout the school eventually to create a cohesive theme throughout the entire college atmosphere.

Overall we came in $5,000 under budget. The President hasn't made a decision yet, but the presentations went well. All three of the projects were great. I will keep you posted.

Happy designing. Remember, if you have any specific comments or questions, feel free to leave them below with your contact info and I will address them!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

864 Square Feet: After

The condo is complete! Instead of doing a lot of blabbing about all of the improvements, let me just show them to you...

Here is the progress of the space:
While doing all of the tiling we decided to extend it into the bathroom as well.
We had to deal with the lumps and bumps underneath the kitchen floor.

Lots of little details to finish
Covering up the last of the vibrant blue wall.

the sub-floor beneath the old carpeting.

Some of the finished paint details:

We painted the details in the door to add dimension.

We did similar detailing around the molding of the fireplace.

Close-up of the mantel. 
Crisp white molding frames the walls nicely.

And now for the main event! Here is the new home:
Kitchen, Complete with appliances, new tile floors, and a fresh coat of paint.

Dining Room, fresh paint, some wall art, shelving to showcase the Client's shot-glass collection
New fixture in the Dining Room

The view of the sunken living room from the front door. You can see the beautiful patterned carpet.

The view from within the living room. Here you can see the complimenting detail of the patterned carpet mingling with the cut pile in the rest of the house.

The patio with the excellent view of the trees and the mountainside.

The hallway leading to the bedrooms and bath, all the walls and doors with fresh paint.

The completed bathroom with tiles, and new curtain up.

Another view of the bath. Fresh paint, and accessorized vanity.
A fishbowl view of the second bedroom. Currently serving as an office, and storage space with its lovely lavender paint.

The Master Suite, with fresh paint, a Chocolate accent wall, and new bed linens.

The other end of the room leads into the walk-in closet, and the bathroom.

We don't want to forget the Laundry closet. The tile extends from  the kitchen through the entry  and into the  laundry space, making it easy to clean, and giving a long cohesive line through the space.

Lastly, here is the beautiful blanket, that was knit up for this client as a house-warming gift. What a special treasure to be cherished in her home.
So what do you think? We are currently working on getting all of the window treatments up and organizing the final touches. The bulk of the work is completed. The carpeting looks great, as does the tile, and I love how all of the paint turned out. With a project like this, and a client with a tight budget, it was important to do the big, overhauling pieces first. Save the smaller details for afterwards. It is much easier to save for a window panel, or a curtain rod, than entirely new flooring and paint throughout. We were lucky enough to have a team of family doing the bulk of the labor here which helped stretch the budget immensely!

Overall, this condo is going down as a success, and thrilled with the final product. Hopefully I can show you the window treatments soon!

Happy Designing, and remember to feel free to comment and let me know if there are any challenging spaces that you would like some hints on!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

864 sq. ft. Before

Someone I am very close with just bought her very first home, an 864 sq ft condo! As shown below, it has a good layout, and good bones, but was in need of a little face-lift. This week I will show you how it was upon purchase, and next week I will show you the renovated product. The condo was purchased in early December 2011. The housewarming was last week, and there was one happy Hostess!

You can do a lot with 864 square feet.

Here is what the previous owners had done:


Living Room with vibrant blue fireplace focal point

Dark Bathroom

Guest Bedroom, with wires running through the walls, and a bulky TV mount
Master bedroom, with larger window, there is another little window off to the right letting more light in.

To Do: Replace the flooring throughout. (We were trying to get hardwood, and tile, but the HOA and downstairs neighbor wouldn't sign off on it.)
Furniture Layout
Install window treatments
Get stove
Finishing touches, accessorize!

Next week, you can see some of the design being implemented, and the final product! I hope you will be amazed!