Sunday, April 1, 2012

864 sq. ft. Before

Someone I am very close with just bought her very first home, an 864 sq ft condo! As shown below, it has a good layout, and good bones, but was in need of a little face-lift. This week I will show you how it was upon purchase, and next week I will show you the renovated product. The condo was purchased in early December 2011. The housewarming was last week, and there was one happy Hostess!

You can do a lot with 864 square feet.

Here is what the previous owners had done:


Living Room with vibrant blue fireplace focal point

Dark Bathroom

Guest Bedroom, with wires running through the walls, and a bulky TV mount
Master bedroom, with larger window, there is another little window off to the right letting more light in.

To Do: Replace the flooring throughout. (We were trying to get hardwood, and tile, but the HOA and downstairs neighbor wouldn't sign off on it.)
Furniture Layout
Install window treatments
Get stove
Finishing touches, accessorize!

Next week, you can see some of the design being implemented, and the final product! I hope you will be amazed!

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  1. Can't wait!! I've seen ONE photo from the housewarming, so I'm chomping at the bit. ;)

    I love the fireplace though.