Sunday, April 22, 2012

864 Square Feet: After

The condo is complete! Instead of doing a lot of blabbing about all of the improvements, let me just show them to you...

Here is the progress of the space:
While doing all of the tiling we decided to extend it into the bathroom as well.
We had to deal with the lumps and bumps underneath the kitchen floor.

Lots of little details to finish
Covering up the last of the vibrant blue wall.

the sub-floor beneath the old carpeting.

Some of the finished paint details:

We painted the details in the door to add dimension.

We did similar detailing around the molding of the fireplace.

Close-up of the mantel. 
Crisp white molding frames the walls nicely.

And now for the main event! Here is the new home:
Kitchen, Complete with appliances, new tile floors, and a fresh coat of paint.

Dining Room, fresh paint, some wall art, shelving to showcase the Client's shot-glass collection
New fixture in the Dining Room

The view of the sunken living room from the front door. You can see the beautiful patterned carpet.

The view from within the living room. Here you can see the complimenting detail of the patterned carpet mingling with the cut pile in the rest of the house.

The patio with the excellent view of the trees and the mountainside.

The hallway leading to the bedrooms and bath, all the walls and doors with fresh paint.

The completed bathroom with tiles, and new curtain up.

Another view of the bath. Fresh paint, and accessorized vanity.
A fishbowl view of the second bedroom. Currently serving as an office, and storage space with its lovely lavender paint.

The Master Suite, with fresh paint, a Chocolate accent wall, and new bed linens.

The other end of the room leads into the walk-in closet, and the bathroom.

We don't want to forget the Laundry closet. The tile extends from  the kitchen through the entry  and into the  laundry space, making it easy to clean, and giving a long cohesive line through the space.

Lastly, here is the beautiful blanket, that was knit up for this client as a house-warming gift. What a special treasure to be cherished in her home.
So what do you think? We are currently working on getting all of the window treatments up and organizing the final touches. The bulk of the work is completed. The carpeting looks great, as does the tile, and I love how all of the paint turned out. With a project like this, and a client with a tight budget, it was important to do the big, overhauling pieces first. Save the smaller details for afterwards. It is much easier to save for a window panel, or a curtain rod, than entirely new flooring and paint throughout. We were lucky enough to have a team of family doing the bulk of the labor here which helped stretch the budget immensely!

Overall, this condo is going down as a success, and thrilled with the final product. Hopefully I can show you the window treatments soon!

Happy Designing, and remember to feel free to comment and let me know if there are any challenging spaces that you would like some hints on!


  1. This looks great! Nice job KH!

  2. Love it!! What a difference...

  3. Mr. J tried to comment - but he couldn't and he wasn't very happy last night. Plus he was really mad that you aren't blogging at Princess Krystle any more - because now he doesn't know what's going on in your life. Find more time!! g