Monday, May 21, 2012


I have officially graduated with my Associates in Interior Design! It was Norwalk CC's fiftieth annual commencement ceremony, and it was lovely. My parents flew in from Seattle for the event, and P and his family came to support me as well.

I am bursting with pride. This has been a long and sometimes very rocky path, and I am so thrilled that I have made it through.

I spent a wonderful weekend with my family taking in the sights of New England, and I am now enjoying a morning without school! 

What's next? Well, more blogging of course! I will be on the lookout for exciting new things to share with you. I have started a Facebook Page for the blog, if you "like" it, you will receive more frequent updates from the design world. 

Happy designing! See you next week for more on the Co-Habitating projects!

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