Sunday, June 10, 2012

And the Winner Is..

Today we shall discuss the following: the winner of the couch contest, which couch we are anxiously awaiting, and the importance of an investment piece mingling with other budget wise pieces.

First up.. thank you all for being good sports and taking a stab at selecting our sofa. I hope you had as much fun guessing as I had reading your guesses. There were a few people with bonus entries for sharing the post, and some friends who commented on the Facebook post, instead of the blog post, that I decided to count as well.. in total, there were 12 names in the hat..

And the winner is.... Ashlee H.  Congratulations! Would you like to know where your gift card is for? 

On to the second point of today's post. After much deliberation, we went with the Davis from Crate & Barrel, in Almond. Funny enough, Ashlee was one of two people who actually guessed the sofa correctly! A $25 gift card for Crate & Barrel is on its way to her!
Davis in Almond By Crate & Barrel
Perfectly transitioning me into point three...
Although $25 isn't enough to purchase an investment piece with, it will be nice to add a little something special to her home.
There is something to be said about moving into your own place and the rush of excitement that comes along with that. For me, moving into my first solo pad, I chose to put the bulk of my cash into a good quality mattress (a girl needs her beauty rest). Interestingly enough, this is a piece that nobody but me (and now P) will ever see. 
Eagerly wanting to furnish the rest of my home, I scoured the IKEA catalogue, and found the remaining necessary pieces, from the bed-frame, to the entertainment center, to the sofa that is now being replaced. 
The thing is, there is nothing wrong with doing it this way. In fact there is not rule that says "immediately upon moving into your new home, you must produce furnishings for every niche." This is false! 

It is not necessary to fill your entire home upon moving in! Next week I will touch on this more, but sometimes it gives more character, speaks more to who you are, and what your style is, to make it a home in phases. Invest in one main piece that you love, and will use a lot-- like a sofa-- and build around it. Whether with free chairs from the side of the road that you buy slip covers for (my first place in Seattle) or with inexpensive build-it-yourself pieces (my first solo place), or with pieces collected through the years that you end up refinishing to make work in your new setting, everything can come together beautifully, to make your house a home.

As you live, move, and grow, so will your personal taste. That $5 nightstand from a tag sale years ago, may be a perfect fit size-wise, but may be way to dark for your new bedding. Buy some light, white, or colorful spray-paint, and change it up! Make your furnishings last with you, and change with your taste. When P moved in we did a lot of changing up of furnishings. Next week, I will fill in the dots on this. 

The point I am failing to make is, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars in a day to make a beautiful home. Your home will be lived in, eclectic, and a great representation of you. Start with one good place, and build up from there!

Thanks again for entering the contest, congrats to Ashlee, and most of all Happy Designing! 


  1. The fun of decorating is the change. As you know, I hated orange until about a year ago, and now our once red, chambray and tan living room is tan, blue and ORANGE!!

  2. Almond was my second choice! Congrats on your investment!

  3. Well at least I picked the right sofa!! g