Sunday, June 17, 2012

How Refreshing

Picking up where I left off with my rant lecture sage advice from last week, I think it is important to know that you do not always have to buy new!

What does this mean? How does one actually create a cohesive space with old, tattered, and used pieces? It can be daunting depending on the scale of the project, but it doesn't have to be.

If you have old pieces that you love for their size, shape, purpose, etc., but they no longer fit you stylistically, it is an easy-ish fix. Example:  Take these pieces that my friend Lauren did:

Malm Head-board and night stands, Previously in Espresso, Now in Blue!

Lauren had these pieces (Malm series from Ikea) from her previous space. Like many of us, we find sleek and inexpensive pieces for our spaces that fit our needs--budget, function, size, color, etc.--for now, and then later, our taste, space, and overall needs and wants change. When Lauren moved into her lovely new home, she decided to pick out this bright blue color from her great bedspread, and paint her bed frame and night stands. She has not only added this great color to her room, creating a focal point, she has also drilled holes and added great little nobs to the night stands!

This is a great showcase of how a little bit of paint and creativity can make a huge difference in your space!

Another fun project is to shop local yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores, you can find great pieces for an awesome price, to leave as is, or to refresh for your own space! Example: Take this refreshed and repurposed piece from family friend Lisa.

New coffee table repurposed from old cabinet doors
Lisa found this piece in pretty bad shape on craigslist. After using a chemical stripper to remove the old finish, Lisa went through the grueling process of sanding the piece completely by hand. When the piece was prepped she applied her chosen stain with a stain cloth. Sanding between layers for smoothness, Lisa applied three layers of a clear polyurethane finish, to seal and protect. In addition to the sanding and staining Lisa did, she also repaired the trip work by re-tacking it. This piece is so beautifully done!

The scale and geometric shape work well in this space with the geometric area rug and the scale of the surrounding furnishings. The stain is perfect too, they went with something not too dark as to completely hide the grain of the wood and with enough red to compliment the adjacent dining set, and pull out the reds in the surrounding textiles. Such a rustic, funcional and great piece!

Another great weekend project (or in Lisa's case with all that hand-sanding, it took a couple of weeks) that adds a lot of character to your space. A project like this is a great way to get exactly what you want, making sure that you get a piece that matches your own design style and decor.

Thanks ladies for submitting your DIY projects, they are amazing, and add so much to your individual spaces!

Next week: look for a behind-the-scenes look at how P and I worked together to refresh some older furnishings we were moving into our space.

Happy Designing! As always, don't hesitate to comment with questions of your own, email me design spaces you adore or just let me know what you think about this or other posts. See you next week!

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