Sunday, August 19, 2012

Barnyard Inspiration

As you may or may not be aware, my full time day job is as a Nanny/Personal Assistant. Part of the fun is when it's a beautiful day and I get to take the kiddos out for some fun.

On this particular visit, I found color scheme inspiration in a showy peacock's display of his feathers.
Show Off!

Isn't it beautiful! He was showing them off the entire time we were at the barnyard.

Here are some of the other animals we saw at the farm...

This little piggy stayed home.

We fed the donkey!

What else can you do with all of these farmyard photos? Print them off in the same tones and display them in a grid along a hallway, in a playroom, or in a child's space.

You can also pull colors from them and use them in your space. Like the reds and tawny browns in this photo of a deer near the barn fence:

I had never seen a deer on a farm before.

Have fun seeking out sources of inspiration! And as always, happy designing!

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