Sunday, September 9, 2012

Inspired Colors

About a month ago, I had a color consult with a fabulous couple that I love. What I loved the most was that when I arrived, Mrs. G had her inspiration ready!

Beautiful Floral Fabric Inspired Mrs. G.
Although these fabrics won't be used anywhere in the home (Mr. G doesn't do flowers), Mrs. G, who is a quilter, saw them and was instantly attracted to the colors.

Our consultation blossomed from there. We started upstairs, where most of their colors were decided and done. Benjamin Moore's Fresh Dew (#435) is in the Master bedroom & on-suite, as well as the Guest bedroom. The craft room/office is painted in Apples & Pears (#395). Upstairs what was really needed was a hallway color to pull these two colors together and create a more cohesive flow throughout the upstairs (and not to drive Mrs. G crazy when she was in her office with the door open, and the hallway color clashing with the office color).

Here is the upstairs color scheme:

Downstairs was more of the same... there were little things that we discussed, some potential flooring changes, and a complete transformation in the back room. Otherwise, it was all color scheming and minor furniture schematics. In the family room and the back room, it will be a fresh coat of Popcorn Kernel (#310). In the kitchen (which opens up to both the family room and the dining room) a dark Harlequin Blue (#830), and in the dining room Airway (#828). In the Family Room & Downstairs hallway we chose Landscape (#430).

Here is the downstairs color scheme:

I wanted to give a better look at how these colors mingle in the layout of the space, so I drew a mock up of the downstairs layout, and colored it in with the paint colors (as close as I could get them).

What do you think? Does it resemble the coloring from the above inspiration picture? I think the planning turned out beautifully and I am very excited to see how it all comes together... The plan is to paint over the next month, and then I will go back over to help arrange some furniture, and play around some more... More photos and info to come on this project as it develops.

How did inspiration month help you on your little projects? Anything to come from it?

Happy Designing!

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  1. Love her inspirations. The Knight doesn't do florals either. Nothing doing here, as we're both too busy with our non-profit duties to do more than exist at home. Next year...