Sunday, September 30, 2012

Little Houses

This past week we spent a week driving and camping through parts of Texas, Louisiana and North Carolina.

Our stopping points were Austin, Houston, Galveston, New Orleans, Raleigh, and Asheville.

I am amazed at how many beautiful places we have in our own country. Driving through the swamps of Louisiana; Camping in the wild hills in Austin; Watching the sun rise in Galveston; Seeing the fog floating in the valleys of the Blue Ridge Mountains... We made some wonderful memories, and soaked up some spectacular views.

I wanted to share some of the different architectural styles that we saw.

We saw a lot of stilt houses driving along the gulf coast, here is one in Galveston:

We also saw some of the most adorable little houses throughout all the different neighborhoods in New Orleans.  Here is the photo story of New Orleans architecture (as I saw it):

A row of colorful homes.
Love the little green and white detailed supports here.
I love the coordination of colors and details here.
Home turned cafe with gorgeous stained glass windows.
There was a lot of great iron-work, such as this balcony detail.
Lots of brick structures.
I love how the facade of this house is so grand that it is taller than the house itself.
They had a ton of pink houses too!

What a cute little town. P & I even decided to buy our first house there!

This is a ceramic wall hanging of a New Orlean's Shotgun Style house.

Are you a fan of architecture? Do you like to check out all the different styles of houses in your neck of the woods or along your travels? I would love to see which architectural styles you admire!

Happy designing!

PS, if you didn't catch the Facebook post last week, DBK now has an Instagram...follow along (& see more of our trip) @DesignsByKrystle :-)