Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dress up your Dining

We all have so much going on these days that we don't have time to sit down together to a nice meal.

Try to find a time that lines up with everyone, then set the table to pull everyone together, and make it feel more special (even on a Wednesday).

Take a look at some table settings below, and see how they alter the room:

Add a simple center piece.

Keep it simple: only put out what you need.
Add a simply folded cloth napkin.

Fold your napkin as shown above to create a space to tuck your silverware into.

Add candles to the space to make it seem more intimate.

Put out a separate bowl for your salad and add an extra fork.

And if you can't have dinner at home, move your dining room to a meeting spot and have a little picnic.
Does this give you some ideas?

You can change up your space from serving and seating, to making it feel a little more special and organized if you set your table, whether simply, more extravagantly or just by taking it to the park.

Happy Dining! And Happy Designing!

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  1. I love a pretty table setting, but the Knight strongly prefers to sit on the sofa. Ugh!!