Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kitchen Storage

When it comes to your kitchen, how do you keep it organized?

Especially if you have a tiny apartment kitchen, like we do, organization and storage are key!

We only have one cupboard area for food, so we needed to find a solution for some of our snacks and cereals... This one was actually P's idea: he suggested getting some canisters to put our cereals in that would be air tight so it wouldn't go bad.

I headed to Home Goods and picked out some simple containers. We filled them right up and organized them in a straight simple row along the back area of the counter:

I think it looks pretty nice, keeps things fresh, organized, and adds some interest to the kitchen!

How do you keep your tiny kitchen organized? (Or other small spaces?) In my life, organization is key!

Happy Designing!

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  1. I love canisters... I have a Longaberger set on one counter and a ceramic set on another. I don't lack cabinet space, but I just like the "texture" the canisters provide.