Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How to Trim Your Tree, Like a Pro

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and a lot of families will cut down their trees this weekend. It's a great tradition: while you are in family mode for Thanksgiving, just go get your tree to kick off the holiday season!

When do you guys start getting out your holiday decorations?

There are ways to decorate your tree to make it look look more dimensional and full, so here are some tricks from Martha Stewart that might help.

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Once you get your tree to stand up straight, add the lights, then ornaments and finally the topper. Here is how to add the lights Martha Stewart style:

1. Starting at a bottom bough, string lights along the underside of each branch. When you get near the end, loop lights around the top of the branch.
2. Work back to the tree trunk, winding around branch and light strand. Continue around the tree. Reverse the procedure on upper branches (or those above eye level of an average adult), stringing lights first along the top, then back around bottom.

Adding the lights in this fashion will show the depth of your tree and make it look more full.

The next trick is how to get your ornaments to stay on the branch so you don't have to deal with them slipping around and falling:

Suspend ornaments from tinned copper wire instead of manufacturer-provided hooks, which can slip off branches, causing breakage. To make your own hangers, thread a 5-inch piece of wire through the ornament loop; twist the wire around itself several times to secure. To hang, wrap the other end of the wire around the branch until the ornament is secure.

This is a little more complicated than just putting them up, but it will guarantee that your ornaments will stay in place!

Now you can also come up with a theme for your tree and put out ornaments that coordinate with that theme. However, sometimes it is fun to have ornaments from trips that you have taken, or that your kids have made, etc., and in that case, keep it simple and don't worry about a theme.

If you click on the above link to the article, you will find a lot more on how to not only decorate your tree like a pro, but also how to photograph it, so check that out for some more great tips.

It is getting to be that time of the year, what are your holiday traditions?

Happy Designing and Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I miss the days when we hiked into the woods and cut down our tree. The Knight doesn't allow anything but an artificial tree due to the fire hazard.

    We don't have many holiday traditions. Christmas Eve with my inlaws in the extended sense, Christmas dinner at my half sister's house, and my personal favorite, New Year's Eve dinner with our friends at the same restaurant every year.

  2. Thanks for posting this advice! Its definitely tough sometimes to get it right!

  3. What happens if I'm using twisted confirs as Christmas trees this year? I'm not sure how I'm gonna put ornaments on them - they might only get lights - lots of white lights. g