Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mid Century Overhaul

Remember this great mid-century bar cart we picked up at the flea market?

Here is its make-over in a photo story.

Put down a drop cloth so as not to damage anything in the surrounding area.

Give it a really good clean. You don't want the paint sticking to the dirt, you want it sticking to the object.

Disassembling this cart makes it easier to get the right pieces painted the right colors. (Be sure to hold onto all the hardware!)

Apply your color of choice. For this cart: Deep Purple for the shelves, and a non-shiny Gold for the legs.

Do like the colors? Can you see how they play into the chosen color scheme for the living room?

Next week, see it in its new living room setting!

Don't forget to set your clocks back...What project will you get done with this extra hour?

Happy Designing!


  1. Can't wait to see its new look!

    We slept the extra hour. It was much-needed.

  2. I rearranged furniture, got rid of boxes, and started sorting stuff. g

  3. Your social media buttons look so cute. I love the idea of the different colors!! Glad the tutorial helped.