Sunday, November 11, 2012

New & Improved

...with bold pops of color.

Did you see this sneak peek on Instagram?

Here is the new & improved mid-century bar cart:

In it's new home, nestled between the chairs.

And here are the other color accents in our living room with shades of Purple Rain, St. Lucia Teal, & Amber:

The main view as you enter the space.

The pillows: Blue detailed pillow from Target, Purple Chevron pillow found at TJ Maxx
Opposite the sofa, the entertainment center with natural elements from the wicker baskets.
Ready for their close-up!

The elements I love the most are the colors and comfort that the new pillows add; the texture that the ladder of throws adds; the bold pop of the bar cart; and the elements of nature with the baskets, raw wool in the lamp, and the wood of the ladder.

Note: The ladder was also found at the flea market, and was exactly what this space needed!

Which elements do you like?

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Happy Designing, and have a fabulous week!


  1. I love the color! Such an improvement on the YELLOW!

  2. Love the color combo. I want a moto jacket in the color of your chairs! I know fashion inspires design, so it can work the other way too, right?!

  3. Very nice! It turned out fabulously. The room is coming right along. g