Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Highlights Reel

Here is a look at the posts from this year that gained the most traffic:

5. Little Houses:
Our trek through the South was almost as much fun for you to read about as it was for us to take! The variety of houses and the colorful, textural notes of New Orleans were so appealing!

4. Colours with Sherri:
The details of an awesome color consult with an awesome client. (She is Canadian, if you couldn't tell from the spelling of "colour.") This space, filled with it's new colors, will be light and cozy-the perfect place for this client to relax once it's finished. Can't wait to see how the colors come together when it is all painted!

3. Under the Sink: Doesn't Cut it:
This one surprised me, but I guess y'all have tiny bathrooms that are also in need of maximum storage!

2. Couch Contest:
You guys were either very excited to find out what sofa we ended up with in our place or very eager for prizes! Either way, it was a fun contest, and we are still loving our sofa.

1. In Need of a Floor Plan:
Hardwood floors are not a new trend in homes. In fact they have been around for ages. However, when you change over to hardwoods from carpets, you realize that the carpets had their benefits. So here we talked about the different types of carpet: fiber quality, what is the weave style, etc., and hopefully you learned from this space, which rug would be most suitable for your space.

In other DBK news, we have opened several social media accounts, (Twitter, Facebook and Pintrest) gained a handful of friends and followers on each and have updated some aspects of the website.

Goals for DBK in 2013?

To have enough time to continue posting twice weekly, and hopefully bring that up even more; to grow followers on all fronts--we do try to share useful tips, as well as random design-related thoughts, and I try not to overlap content too much, so if you follow on all fronts you won't have as much doubled or tripled content being blasted at you; and to continue to pass along what we hope is useful info.

Thanks for sticking with us, and we hope you will continue to come back for more.

It has been fun designing in 2012... Happy Designing in the year to come!

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