Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fashion :: Interiors

What is the correlation between fashion trends and interior design trends?

This is something that I have often wondered. I wouldn't necessary consider myself a fashionista, but I do follow a few fashion bloggers, and pay attention to their trends.

Fashion trends lead interior trends by a year.

This correlation is something that has always piqued my interest. I want to explore this relationship more through a monthly fashion:interiors post (what do you think about that?). I know some of my dedicated readers follow trends more prominently than I do, what fashion blogs do you follow?

Let me give you an example that you can see now in homes. Last fall and winter, jewel tones became big in the fashion trends. (In fact, I think they are still trendy in some areas of fashion.) Here is an example courtesy of The Style Mogul:

Courtesy of The Style Mogul

Now we see this more and more in this fall and winter season while we swap out throws and pillows to spruce up our home environments. Here is a home example from Rachel Clark Designs:

Courtesy of Rachel Clark Designs

I also wanted to show you this great picture of jewel tones being applied to the holiday scene, courtesy of decoist (Check the decoist link for more holiday scenes!):

Courtesy of decoist

Even in my own living room, we have been implementing more jewel tones. Example: the pop of purple from the bar cart reno, and the new pillows on the sofa. Have you found yourself implementing any fashion trends into your interior space?

Our living room accents: refreshed bar cart (inlaid) & jewel tone pillows.

Happy Designing!


  1. Interesting! I follow a bunch of fashion bloggers... but only in my reader, with the exception of BonBon Rose Girls. They're pretty awesome.

  2. Nice post. Love the Holiday Scene - those hanging wreaths are lovely. I really need someone to decorate my house with each season - and you know, walk around after the dog and clean up slobber! g