Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Holiday Season

It is coming to an end...

...but not until we ring in the New Year!

But, before we get ahead of ourselves, how was your holiday? Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hannukah, I hope it was filled with joy and spent with those you love. :)

Here are some of the sights from our holiday:

Brown paper packages, tied up with string...A cozy fire (on tv, but apparently the Yule Log is a tradition to watch)...Polar bears in the yard...and my advent calendar, made with love by my Mom.

P's family Christmas Tree

Puppy and the reflection of the lights. 

And even a romp in the snow!

Here's to a fabulous New Year! Hope you enjoyed all of your traditions through the season.

Happy Designing!


  1. Lovely photos! I'm glad you're having a picture-perfect holiday season.

  2. great photos. Are you getting that giant tree taken down? g