Sunday, December 2, 2012

Work Spaces

Do any of you have a home office?

I have an office space that I do work in from someone else's home, and I have an office space in my home too.

How do you put together a functional office space at home that you can use when you need to, but keep it organized and clean when you don't?

Here is my work space at work:

Here is my work space at home:

I like to have a long, clean work space that I can spread out on when I need to. I like to see everything in my view. But then I like it to neatly come back together and look like a nice clean space otherwise. (Although sometimes it doesn't last for long!)

Things that are important to keep in mind in a home office space:

  • Have a nice work space that is the right size for the work you need to do there.

If you just need a place to sit and use your computer, you can fit your desk in a nice little niche. If you are just going to be paying bills, a small surface will suffice. You may need a larger surface if you are working on drawings, or doing something that requires you to spread out.

  • Have a place to file your bills, paperwork, etc.
  • Give yourself a view, whether it is a view out the window, or an inspiring work of art, you need to have something you like to see at your desk.
  • Personalize your space with family photos.
  • Keep organizational options in your space.
If your office is in a large great room, use a cubical bookcase that extends from floor to ceiling or floor to 6'. Fill the first 3' from the floor with your office things, and the next three feet with nicnacs, photos, etc. This will give you the organizational function that you need while still allowing the room to feel open.

If your space won't allow for shelving around, have other options. Our filing cabinet has one drawer for files, and then 3 smaller drawers for storage. Most desks will also have a drawer or two below the surface space that can be utilized for your office accessories. And in our office space at home, the cabinet that holds our printer, has ample space for storage in it. 

Don't be afraid to use a fun upholstered chair instead of your traditional office chair but make sure it is comfortable for you to sit in for longer periods if you are someone that uses your desk all day.

Do you do any work from home? What key features of your space could you not live without?

Happy Designing!


  1. I like a long table too, I love spreading out on both sides of my computer... but I looove that cute white desk above!
    I jsut saw a pin on pinterest with a trunk that was filled as a filing cabinet instead of "stuff" I LOVE it! I can't wait to use that in the future!

  2. We need to rework the study now that the Knight's business lives here too! But not right now... I have to get through the next 11 days first.

  3. we got rid of the office space and home and now just balance laptops in the middle of the living room. It's good. :) g