Sunday, September 30, 2012

Little Houses

This past week we spent a week driving and camping through parts of Texas, Louisiana and North Carolina.

Our stopping points were Austin, Houston, Galveston, New Orleans, Raleigh, and Asheville.

I am amazed at how many beautiful places we have in our own country. Driving through the swamps of Louisiana; Camping in the wild hills in Austin; Watching the sun rise in Galveston; Seeing the fog floating in the valleys of the Blue Ridge Mountains... We made some wonderful memories, and soaked up some spectacular views.

I wanted to share some of the different architectural styles that we saw.

We saw a lot of stilt houses driving along the gulf coast, here is one in Galveston:

We also saw some of the most adorable little houses throughout all the different neighborhoods in New Orleans.  Here is the photo story of New Orleans architecture (as I saw it):

A row of colorful homes.
Love the little green and white detailed supports here.
I love the coordination of colors and details here.
Home turned cafe with gorgeous stained glass windows.
There was a lot of great iron-work, such as this balcony detail.
Lots of brick structures.
I love how the facade of this house is so grand that it is taller than the house itself.
They had a ton of pink houses too!

What a cute little town. P & I even decided to buy our first house there!

This is a ceramic wall hanging of a New Orlean's Shotgun Style house.

Are you a fan of architecture? Do you like to check out all the different styles of houses in your neck of the woods or along your travels? I would love to see which architectural styles you admire!

Happy designing!

PS, if you didn't catch the Facebook post last week, DBK now has an Instagram...follow along (& see more of our trip) @DesignsByKrystle :-)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Carpet Heaven

Anyone remember this post (In Need Of A Floor Plan)?

Well my good friends happen to be in need of just that. In their condo, they had carpeting in most of the living spaces. They also have puppies ... anyone who has ever gotten a puppy might know that carpeting and puppies are not friends. 

Now that the puppies are trained (and they are preparing for another new addition to their family), they have pulled up all of the carpeting and laid down wood floors.

This, however, leads to the dogs slipping around on the floors, and the space in need of some coziness to pull it all together.

We decided to make a day of rug shopping to seek out some area rugs for their baby room, and their front entry hallway. (She already found a carpet for the living room.)

We started out at HomeGoods. They have everything, at reasonable prices ... but on this outing, we had no luck.

So we tried a store called Redi-Cut Carpets

Now if you don't have one of these in your area, search for other carpet warehouses. They are great.

We stumbled upon carpet heaven.

The deal with Redi-Cut is, they will carpet your entire home, cut large pieces off of huge rolls of carpeting, etc.


You can look through their scrap rolls (that come in myriad shapes, sizes and colors) and pick out something that fits your needs.

They will cut anything down to your specified size and add a binding of your choice. 

The costs all vary based on what you are looking at (the fiber content of the rug, size of the rug, rug binding, etc.).

We found this great rug for the baby's space. It should fit perfectly in the space to cozy it up and give the new addition a place to read stories, play, or just have a diaper changed!

This one was a great match for the entry hall, and as an added bonus, it was so long, that we were able to get an extra rug for the bedroom hallway out of it as well! 

The shopping trip was a great success! We were able to get everything checked off of our list, and spend the rest of the day shopping for fun!

The lesson here is if you are looking for an area rug, or carpeting of any kind, look for a carpeting warehouse, you might just find exactly what you need, and get it for a pretty good deal. And if not, at least you got a glimpse at carpet heaven.

Happy Designing!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Inspired Colors

About a month ago, I had a color consult with a fabulous couple that I love. What I loved the most was that when I arrived, Mrs. G had her inspiration ready!

Beautiful Floral Fabric Inspired Mrs. G.
Although these fabrics won't be used anywhere in the home (Mr. G doesn't do flowers), Mrs. G, who is a quilter, saw them and was instantly attracted to the colors.

Our consultation blossomed from there. We started upstairs, where most of their colors were decided and done. Benjamin Moore's Fresh Dew (#435) is in the Master bedroom & on-suite, as well as the Guest bedroom. The craft room/office is painted in Apples & Pears (#395). Upstairs what was really needed was a hallway color to pull these two colors together and create a more cohesive flow throughout the upstairs (and not to drive Mrs. G crazy when she was in her office with the door open, and the hallway color clashing with the office color).

Here is the upstairs color scheme:

Downstairs was more of the same... there were little things that we discussed, some potential flooring changes, and a complete transformation in the back room. Otherwise, it was all color scheming and minor furniture schematics. In the family room and the back room, it will be a fresh coat of Popcorn Kernel (#310). In the kitchen (which opens up to both the family room and the dining room) a dark Harlequin Blue (#830), and in the dining room Airway (#828). In the Family Room & Downstairs hallway we chose Landscape (#430).

Here is the downstairs color scheme:

I wanted to give a better look at how these colors mingle in the layout of the space, so I drew a mock up of the downstairs layout, and colored it in with the paint colors (as close as I could get them).

What do you think? Does it resemble the coloring from the above inspiration picture? I think the planning turned out beautifully and I am very excited to see how it all comes together... The plan is to paint over the next month, and then I will go back over to help arrange some furniture, and play around some more... More photos and info to come on this project as it develops.

How did inspiration month help you on your little projects? Anything to come from it?

Happy Designing!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mad Men

The television show "Mad Men" has been making a splash for it's mid-century scenes, fashions, and set designs.

Have you seen it? Here is a still-shot of one of the sets:

The mid-century modern style featured here is all the rage now. In fact the yellow bar cart we picked up at the flea market has a mid-modern feel to it.

Here is a table with lines reminiscent to the mid-century trends, and a sexy little apron detail, that I have been ogling...

The thing about trends, is they all come back around. Trends may have a slightly different twist or take, but the underlying concepts you see, will inevitable come back into style. (They will also, however, swing widely out of style, and come across as very out-dated before they come back in.)

Remember this book I shared in the book review?

The reason styles come back around is because new designers study past trends and find inspiring ways to bring them back, but moderately tweak them. 

My mom once told me, in reference to leggings..."If you are old enough to have worn them the first time around, you are too old to wear them the second time around." Does this apply to home design as well?

What do you think? What is your take on this?

I hope that you have enjoyed inspiration month, and that at least one of the posts has helped spark an idea.
As always, Happy Designing!