Sunday, January 20, 2013

Boyish Charm meets Grown-Up Style

One of the things I struggled with, upon P moving in, was his massive collection of sports memorabilia.

He has several dozen ball caps, posters, penants, all of his press passes and more. I guess it is the fault of living with a sports writer, but the question still remains:

How do you incorporate all of this stuff without making it look like it belongs in a kid's space?

Here are some things that we have done in our house. One thing we have decided is that we will eventually be in a two-bedroom space. The second bedroom will serve primarily as our office, him for working on all that sport writing, me for all things DBK. It has been decided long before we moved in, that any office space we will incorporate in our home will have a sports themed design.

However, our current office set-up, is in our great room, and I wanted to be able to close the door on the sports stuff. So it is in our bedroom.

Here are some of the ways we have classed it up, to make it fit in, without making our room feel like it houses a fanatic five-year old.

The string of hats: This is honestly my favorite thing. I really do love P's hat collection. I am a sports fan too, and I think it is really interesting to see all of the hats on display. (For the record, in his past home, he had them all hidden away in the closet.)  Arranging them in this fashion gives them an organization, puts them on display, and really showcases the variety, and fun of them all while unifying them in one area. It also allows him to un-clip one when he wants to wear it and clip it back up later. (A big shout out to Mr. Jay for helping us install these modern clothes lines from IKEA!)

For Christmas, I found an antique Leather football helment. It has a lot of wear and looks very rustic, which I love! Having an antique element to any collection automatically makes it look more sophisticated.

P also collects mini bats. So I thought why not use that as a rung to hang his press passes on.

Other little details in the space include the scoreboard chalkboard that we can write notes on, and a huge vase filled with baseballs.

Here is a final look at the space:

All of the little touches, in combination with the focus display of hats, really pull the room together in a playfully mature way.

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  1. Ha! Our 2nd guest room has the Knight's Monopoly game collection. His NASCAR car things remain in his momma's basement. Hem.