Wednesday, January 23, 2013

DBK :: Q&A

While discussing ideas for the Boyish Charm post with P and some of his friends, one friend asked if any of those ideas could be applied to a living room space.

So here is B's question: How do you incorporate sports memorabilia in a living room in a mature way?

So B, here are some suggestions:

First off, B's lovely girlfriend framed one of his jersey's for him for his birthday, such a great gift for a sports lover. Framing jerseys can be quite costly, however, if you have a signed jersey especially, or even one from when you played in college, having it framed is worth the cost.

It will dress up the item, give it a professional look and it is a display piece that you can be proud of.

Secondly, keep like items together. In our space we took the abundance of hats and grouped them together to make them a focal point. In addition, we grouped the press passes to hang together, the helmets to be together on a shelf. You can group anything.

Another thing we grouped: the baseballs. We put them all in a vase. You can do this with almost any small item to create a decorative piece. For P we did it with the baseballs in the bedroom. For my knitting, I put the remnant balls of yarn in a glass bowl, and for the holiday, we filled clear vases with ornaments.

Finally, a great way to automatically add sophistication to your collection is by finding an antique or unique piece that can join the collection. For P's collection, it was the antique football helmet, but if you look on Etsy or ebay you can find all sorts of antique sports pieces to enhance your collection. Adding something like this gives your collection depth, that dresses it up while giving you a conversation piece.

Hope this helps.

For future design questions, send them my way! Happy pondering!

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  1. Neat idea. I would never have thought to plop a bunch of baseballs in a clear bowl, despite how similar it is to yarn balls...