Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fashion :: Interiors

Last month we talked about fashion trends inspiring home trends. Well, what about the opposite?

I follow a few fashion bloggers, and I know some of you are also big into fashion and the trends that correlate. But do you ever see a piece of furniture, that makes you dream up an outfit? Maybe it isn't a current outfit in the shops, but an outfit that you have hidden away and forgotten in your closet. An outfit that a living room reminded you to dig out.

One of you mentioned the peanutty color of our living room chairs would make a great leather motorcycle jacket! Do you agree?

This jacket is a decent match in color and the scarf mimics the way a throw might cascade over the back of the chairs:
Image from In The Closet Etsy Shop

This one is also a good color match, and the zipper details are cute and trendy:

Image from AliExpress

Can you think of any examples in which a piece of furniture, a color scheme or even the mood of a space has made you plan an outfit?

How was your New Year? Did you execute any exciting plans? What did you wear?

Happy Designing and happy 2013. May this next year be filled with happiness and fulfilled resolutions!

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  1. That second jacket is yummy! Makes me want a caramel latte and then I'll settle into one of your pretty chairs with a good book...