Monday, January 21, 2013

Miscellaneous MLK Jr. Day

What do you do when you get an extra day off? Do you appreciate the reason for the holiday, or do you just tick-off your to-do list?

I do both. Working with kids, it is easy to appreciate the reason for the holiday, because you get to see how they are studying the different holidays and what they learn at different ages.

As for the to-do list, that all depends on if I have the house to myself. And today, I do.

So I will be doing an intense amount of housework but more organizational stuff than cleaning, really. We did that yesterday. The morning will be about sorting through the closet and the drawers and doing some laundry.

And the afternoon will be about grocery shopping (we already planned the menu) and fun shopping (it's time to cash in on those holiday/birthday gift cards)!

I also want to finish getting the winterized prize all set to mail so when it is time to pick a winner, it will be all set to go! Speaking of which the deadline has been moved by just a few days to the 28th, so you have a week left to enter if you are interested! (Enter Here.)

However you spend it, enjoy your day.

Happy MLK Jr. Day!


  1. It depends here. I always try to honor the reason for the day off, and for the last couple of years, I've needed the extra time to either recharge or catch up on ... something, somewhere.

  2. I'm ticking off a to-do list while I relax and watch the President do his thing. So far the laundry is done, the dishes are done and I'm handwashing socks - 2 sinkfuls done; 2 more to go. Need to stop knitting socks. :\ g