Monday, January 7, 2013


mis·cel·la·ne·ous adjective having various qualities, aspects, or subjects:  miscellaneous discussion.

One of the goals I have for DBK is to create more of a miscellaneous discussion. I want to show you that, although I love design and am passionate about well-designed spaces and helping people accomplish them, there are other things in life too. 

We all have hobbies that keep us going. If you follow me on Instagram you may have even guessed what some of mine are. But if not, here is the short list:

Food. Not just eating it, but recipes, being healthy and playing with the colors and flavors while I'm cooking. That said, I'm not a baker. Baking is a science, and I like to play with my food.

Knitting. My mom taught me how to knit almost 10 years ago, and although I originally did it to build a better connection with her, it has become something that I love doing. I find it cathartic. Now that fiber love has evolved into the love of spinning and dying yarn-- maybe someday DBK will have a section to display my dyed yarns. Oh, and the original mission of strengthening my relationship with my mom was accomplished. She is one of my best friends.

Nail Polish. I love getting a good pedicure, but I personally don't want fake nails and a plain manicure has always felt wasteful to me. I work with my hands, and my polish chips easily, so a mani only lasts four or so days. I am also a nervous nail biter, but I won't bite polished nails. So a while back I decided it would be more fun, and more cost effective, to just buy fun colors and polish my own nails. It has become a bit of a Sunday tradition: update DBK, update polish.

Hiking. I am of the mindset that a workout should be done while enjoying the great outdoors. I would much rather be walking on a trail or taking a hike in the fresh air, than walking on a treadmill inhaling the salty, stale and sweaty gym air. It allows more time for me to enjoy nature too, another love.

What are your hobbies? Do you have one, or would you like to borrow one of mine?

Happy miscellaneous hobbying! 


  1. Ha. I'm a baker not a cook, but I do love to be in nature. In better weather, I'll even do yoga outside.

    I love a pedi, but don't bother with manicures much at all. I briefly did the whole acrylic layer over my own nails thing, and then when it had to come off for my back surgery and I had a tender, ugly mess, I vowed never again. When I do get a manicure, I get a "man-mani" which is just clean and neat, no polish.

    Of course, you know I knit, write and I used the sewing machine on Saturday!

  2. Don't let the child fool you - she learned to knit for a girl scout project - I just happened to be the teacher ;) But she has kept up with it and learned lots and lots of new things - I'm very proud.

    My hobbies: sewing, reading, I'm liking working out more and more, oh and don't forget knitting. g (aka Mom)