Sunday, January 27, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

Well, it is that time of year again, and most people, whether fans of football or not, will be involved in some sort of party to watch the big game (or at least the commercials and half time entertainment).

So if you are one of those hosting the Super Bowl party, here are some easy low-stress suggestions to have fun and enjoy the show.

Pick one main dish that you can serve-something that you can add toppings to. I like Chili; it is easy to make, and most people enjoy it. So for the purposes of this post, we will use chili.

Make your chili in the crock pot first thing in the morning. Then start to put together your toppings: mini cornbread loafs, diced chives, sour cream, salsa, corn chips, shredded cheese, etc., basically add what you like.

When you set out your buffet, your chili will be the centerpiece, surrounded by all of the delicious toppings. You can also put out a simple salad or veggie tray--but don't stress.

Another creative option: base your foods off of the hometowns of the teams. Such as, crab cakes for the Ravens, and sourdough for the 49ers. Maybe you could take the entre with toppings idea, and offer a seafood soup with sourdough bread bowls and oyster crackers. Or have one of your guests bring a crab dip and sourdough loaf to enjoy it with.

This event should be one that you enjoy with just a few friends, a small group of 6-8 people. invite your guests to bring their favorite finger food or dip to have on the coffee table for people to snack on.

The focal point of this day will be friends surrounding the TV while enjoying the delicious spred. So enjoy it!

Happy Hosting!


  1. Somehow I'm hosting the party this year. I'm gonna make the super easy philly sammy. With tiny rolls. I don't know what else. But it will be fun. g

  2. Yum. Obviously, you and your mama both know how to throw a party. I don't know what we're doing yet, but no party here. Most years, the Knight ignores all football, but he's watched a bit this year and I like the Ravens, so...