Sunday, January 6, 2013

Un-Decking the Halls

When it is time to remove the tree, twinkling lights and other festive decore, how do you keep the home feeling cozy for winter? After all, the holidays are in the first month of the season, but for those of us that live anywhere with four full seasons, we know, it is much more wintery now!

Here are some tips on how to keep your home cozy through the duration of winter.

Keeping your home cozy is really about how you accessorize your space. Your space should be a living work of art: think of the main furnishings in your space as your canvas, and the accessories that you use are your paint.

Here are some great winter "paints":

I was given one of these last Christmas, and I love it! (by RestorationHardware)

I am constantly looking at these cable knit throws. (Also RH) Maybe it will be my next knitting project.

These somewhat muted colors in a tribal design are perfect for Fall or Winter! (One Kings Lane)

Muted colors in a trendy, yet timeless, Chevron Stripe. Also by OKL

Hanging these Snow Shoes on the wall makes a definite Winter statement!

This horn glass would make an excellent vase.

These pieces are all from either Restoration Hardware or One Kings Lane. This is not a sponsored post.

The great thing about looking for winter pieces mid-season: the sales!!

Need more help with wintery ideas to help get you through the season in a warm and cozy manner? Send me an email. Explore the stores and see what items suit your taste. Don't hesitate to use colors. I know I just showed a lot of neutrals, but adding color is a great way to get through a season that some people find to be dreary. To add life to the space, use some fresh flowers.

Happy Un-decking the halls and cozying up for winter!


  1. I love knit blankets... I can't wait to have more time to knit things for ME!

  2. I'm craving cream and off-white right now, both for my person and the house. Gretchen says she can put white dog hair on everything for me... Oddly, my wedding dress is about the only thing I own that fits that color scheme.

  3. Here's a link for a free, cushy knit throw. Along the lines of the spendy ones. Love them stacked!

    I'm about ready to paint the whole house again - easy to say when I don't do the painting, eh? g