Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Atomic Starburst

Yesterday was a long day. After being out of the house for 12 hours (all of which was spent on my feet), I came home to unload groceries, clean out the fridge, and make dinner. Only I was so exhausted that when I knelt down to put away the food and deal with the fridge, it felt so great to not be standing, and I decided to just lie down. On the floor of the kitchen.

Does your mind ever just wander from one thing to the next? Well...

While lying on the kitchen floor, I noticed how great the flat surface felt on my back. I felt my back relaxing into the floor and stretched into it. Then I noticed the lighting fixture above me. I have noticed it before, obviously, but never from this angle.

The light looks like a big starburst. A six pointed star with long skinny points. An atomic starburst. With rays shooting out from the center. Look at the way the light is projected onto the ceiling from the slits in the side. I wish my phone was in my hand so I could snap a picture. Oh well, I will worry about that later. The light on the ceiling looks like an extension of the rays etched into the glass. It really is a beautiful fixture.

Look at the other fixtures in the kitchen. They are positioned in such a strange way, it makes no sense. It is not logical as a ceiling plan. They seem to form a constellation -the handle on the big (or little I suppose) dipper. Very weird indeed. I guess the layout does have a purpose: task lighting above the sink, and general lighting in the middle of the kitchen and the dining space. It is still strange placement considering that these three lights are the only hard-wired fixtures in the unit -- other than the bathroom that is.

I roll over and see the cookbooks on the shelf. French, Spanish, Thai, 30-minute meals, 5 Ingredient fix. When was the last time I used these. I have been using the gluten and dairy free cookbooks, which mostly live on the counter as they are used daily. Oh food!

I'm starving! God, having a sensitivities to food sucks. If I could eat anything, I would have probably ate already. I need to get up and make dinner...

I peeled myself off the floor, and threw together a salad of mixed greens, grilled chicken, and homemade croutons (with gluten free bread of course).

Ahh, now I feel better. I should snap a picture of that mid-century atomic light fixture.

Happy ramblings!

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  1. What a fun post! It's been a really long time since I've pondered the world from that angle, mainly because when I am doing floor yoga poses, something gets lost in the dammitSissyno, pfffst... Gretchen, off!...