Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Basket Case

Last week I expressed my love of Mason jars, this week it is baskets.

I love baskets, they are such a lovely way to organize. They provide a textural element to the space, as well as the elements of nature and warmth.

I use baskets in our small apartment to organize miscellaneous odds and ends in our media console, entry area and pantry.

We have these Pjas Baskets from IKEA in our pantry/entry area.

I use large baskets for the laundry instead of using a bin. I have a basket in the office for a garbage.

This 'Large Curved Basket' from West Elm would make a great laundry basket.

And possibly one of my favorite uses for baskets: P's mom has hung them on the wall, decoratively in the bathroom, and in the kitchen; she hangs the bread basket on a small wall to add visual interest when not in use.

What do you think? Are you crazy about baskets?

Happy organizing!

1 comment:

  1. My love of baskets goes back to my childhood. I have a sweet wicker purse... and baskets everywhere in my home.