Sunday, February 3, 2013

Closet Reorganized

As I mentioned Friday, last week I got sucked into the Apartment Therapy's posts on the January Cure with the post "Organizational Crutch." Our biggest organizational crutch is the cozy chair that resides in our bedroom. When was the last time I actually sat there? I have no clue. When was the last time there were clothes on the chair? Just about every day.

So there you have it, we need to better organize our closet and resist the urge to put things on that chair. And better yet, reorganize the closet so it has better functionality.

For the record we only have one standard-sized bedroom closet in our entire apartment. With the two of us, it can get a bit chaotic at times. This last reorganization seems to have really helped (at least for the last week since it has been done).

Here's what we did:
We each have a side of the closed, both with a top and bottom rack. We both have a hanging shelf, which have been hanging on the outer edge of the closet and very hard to get into.

The first thing was to take everything out of the closet, see what it is, if we will really wear it, or if it needed to be donated.

Then we moved the hanging shelves to the middle of the closet to be used for sweaters.

For my side of the closet, I moved all of my professional attire to the top shelf, organized tops by colors, then bottoms after the tops, with blazers and dresses on the end. On the bottom shelf I followed the same pattern, all organized by color, then from shirts to botoms.

For P's side of the closet, it was more of the same, his hanging shelf is on the bottom with sweaters, and button up shirts the the right. On the top he has the rest: pants, polos, shirts, and of course sports jerseys.

On the bottom of the closet we have some bins to store sheets, purses, and shoes.

On the top of the closet, we have guest bedding (a duvet and comforter), sun hats and a suitcase.

Overall, the closet is full, but it all fits in an organized and accessible way. And the crutch has been empty all week--hopefully we can keep it up!

Happy organizing! (And enjoy the big game tonight!)

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  1. Impressive! I need to tackle my closet, but right now, Sissy and I are going to go for a walk, then I need to make sure my gala outfit is ready to go, and then it will be game time!