Friday, February 8, 2013

Grand Centennial

Grand Central Terminal is 100 years old!

If you have never been to Manhattan or seen Grand Central, you should add it to your bucket list. Grand Central is a magnificent place filled with lots of passages and some interesting quirks. It has been the setting of countless movie scenes and photo shoots.

Last weekend P and I made our way into Grand Central, and we were reminded of its glory through a special showcase of the terminal's building process and history through the last 100 years. It was a great exhibit to walk through and to see the role that the terminal has played through the years

My favorite part was seeing all of the old architectural drawings:

This weekend we will be snowed in for at least tonight, probably tomorrow as well. What about you?

Happy Birthday GC!


  1. Well I do hope you get to start your new job - you know, just to get started. I loved Grand Central - so much to see, so much to do, great ceilings!! g

  2. Beautiful building. We got a light dusting this morning and the sun is out at the moment. It will be a weekend of laundry, rest, and slowly working on Gg's endurance.