Monday, February 18, 2013

Knit City

Tonight I will be knitting with some of my gal pals, so I thought I would share some knitting with y'all.

Remember that snow storm we had in the northeast a few weekends ago? I was finally able to block some of my projects and officially finish them! (Blocking is the process of wetting the knit fabric, and then stretching it to the full size of pattern, pinning it, and letting it dry in shape.)

Lazy Katy and Stella blocking.

A look at the lace edge of Lazy Katy.

I also finished my bulky sweater, and I am wearing it today! (Don't have a finished picture to show you, but follow along on Instagram, and you may just get one tonight.)

I just love the color and texture of this sweater!

Now I am working on finishing a pattern I started more than two years ago that I would love to actually be able to wear at some point.

This Yarn...
...for this pattern.

Happy Knitting to all you knitters, and happy Presidents' Day to the rest :)

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  1. Beautiful knits! I simply can't find time - or energy - to knit these days, but I'm hoping that will change soon...