Monday, February 11, 2013

Order Up!

I spend at least a quarter of my waking hours cooking, or at least that is how it seems -- especially after a weekend being snowed-in cooking three full meals a day.

One huge thing I do to make it easier on myself is plan our menu. Basically I pull up the calendar and see how late we will be getting home, and then I plan our meals accordingly. We work late most nights, so we do a lot of crock pot dishes, and easy all-in-one meals. As long as there is a protein, a veggie, and a carb, our meal is complete.

Here is a photo story of last week's menu:
Gnocchi with Pancetta & Mushroom Gravy.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

Chicken & Herb Risotto on a bed of lettuce.

Turkey, White Beans & Kale served with garlicky quinoa.

Broiled Salmon with Brussel Sprouts and Sweet Potato Fries.
Bon Appetit! Happy dining!


  1. so are you just not posting your comments now, because I know I've left a few. Love me some crock pot meals and casseroles. I'm also a big fan of leftovers. They make lunches easy. g

  2. I don't like sammies, but that buffalo chicken looks good!