Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Perfectly Picked :: Coffee Tables

Introducing the "Perfectly Picked" series. It can be really difficult to figure out exactly what piece is perfect for you and your space; so this series will break down your options and help you make the best choice. We will start off with coffee tables.

All images in this post were found on Pinterest.

Height matters: the height of your coffee table should be the height of your sofa cushions.

The size of your space will help narrow down materials and scale:
Big spaces = more dark/solid materials & larger pieces.
Small spaces = lighter/softer materials, smaller moveable pieces.

How you use your space will also help dictate your options. If you have parties you want two-to-three moveable pieces that could also work as additional seating or be moved aside

Some Examples:

Upholstered pieces can be used in either small or large spaces, but you may choose a different material for each. You may also use one large ottoman for a large space; whereas in a small space you might use a long narrow piece that fits the length of your seating and offers a place to put your feet up without overpowering the room.

Glass tables are great for small spaces because they give the illusion of being very light and small. However, in combination with heavier metals, and in pairs, they are great for big spaces as well.

Your general style will dictate the rest. Whether you use natural elements of wood, a lacquered finish, or maybe even a marble top.

Whatever you choose, happy picking!


  1. Interesting topic. We no longer have a coffee table, and I miss it. The Knight doesn't want one with the sectional...

  2. Good info! You should see our living room right now - it's crammed full of furniture and I kinda like it! We moved the upholstered loveseat into the room for Superbowl and I might not move it back out. :) g

  3. What would you suggest for a sectional with recliners??