Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shut the Front Door!

Seriously, go outside, shut the front door, and take a good long look at it. Now, want to spruce it up? Tuesday we discussed the details of your front porch, stoop, etc., today, let's focus in on that door.

Orange is an energetic color that brings feelings of excitement, energy and warmth.

Most people these days are going with a neutral, black white or red. BUT there are so many options out there that can really draw someone in to look at the charm and character of your home. It will also add great curb appeal, so what have you got to lose?

This tint of blue/green embodies feelings of tranquillity and peace.

Colors have a psychology linked to them: how they make people feel. But those feelings can also be influenced by personal experience. If your favorite memory was from walking through a field of sunflowers, you are bound to be fond of yellow.

Used in small doses, yellow can be incorporated to draw attention and create focus.

Think about how your door looks, and what message the color is sending. Do you want to paint it yet?

Psychology aside, your front door is the perfect place to use a bold -- and possibly scary -- color, giving you a bold focal point.

Purple sends a message of royalty and wisdom.
So for those of you now planning to paint this weekend, happy painting ;)

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