Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow Day (dot com)

Due to the blizzard in the Northeast, we have been snowed in this weekend. No work yesterday, today, and it's not likely to happen tomorrow either. 

The view from our upstairs, vaulted ceiling, 12'-16' high window...
But we have gotten a lot done. We dug our cars out, and helped the landlord shovel half of the driveway; but there is still no way out. So tonight we will have a little game night to entertain us!

Dude, where's my car?!

We also finally figured out how to change the blog address--maybe you didn't notice you were re-routed, or that the name changed ever-so slightly, but I am thrilled to announce :
Please save the new address, update your bookmarks, and be sure you are still following us here on the blog as well as on TwitterFacebook, etc., for the rest of the coming updates over the next month or so...

I made a little cave...
...and it collapsed on me.

Happy snow day! Hope you're all staying warm.


  1. When are you launching the new look of the blog?? Be careful in snow caves! g

  2. Congrats! And somehow, Reader sent me here just the same. Yay!!