Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Accessorized Coffee Table

Our Accessorized Coffee Table

Now that you have picked the perfect coffee table, let me fill you in on how to perfectly accessorize it.

You don't want to overwhelm the surface with display items, because this is a surface that needs to be able to have daily use. So here are the list of the 'must haves' and why:

It is always a good idea to have a candle on your coffee table, it will add warmth and ambience to your space, as well as adding your sense of smell to the equation.

This coffee table feels very romantic and cozy. (Courtesy of Pinterest)

Flowers are another 'must' have. Now I say they are a must have, but it may not be practical to have live flowers on your table all the time, so let's say they are a must have for when company is coming over, or for when you want to add some interest through life and color.

The final must have is a short stack of books or magazines. Keep the magazines up to date, if you have a subscription, cycle in the current option so when you are sitting on the sofa, you can recline lounge and read the stories. For the books, make them something large, but on topics that you enjoy, we have a sports book (P's), design book (mine), and a travel book (ours). This keeps the a good line of conversation going with guests too. Again, you don't want an overwhelming stack of books, just two or three, and if you have a small table, just one is enough.

Some optional additions: a tray or something of the like to keep your remote, coasters, etc. contained in.  (You can also put your books, candle, and flowers in the tray to keep them organized, and easy to move when necessary.)

Make sure your coffee table is usable, but inviting. The flowers, candles and books will all draw you to want to spend some leisurely time enjoying the space, so make sure there is a place for your teacup to land too.

What's not to love when a dog's involved.

P & I often spend time together around our coffee table where one of us is watching TV, or working on our computer and the other is reading a book or knitting (me).

Take some photos of your coffee tables to send in for the blog, I would love to see how you've adorned this space!

Happy accessorizing!

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  1. I only wish I had a coffee table!! Maybe someone else will send in something that I can convince the Knight to get...