Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fashion :: Interiors, Special Occasion

Today is mine & P's anniversary, so I started to think--

Last year on our anniversary, ready to head out for dinner!

When we have some fun event to attend, or a special occasion, we tend to dress up for it.

How does that correlate to our space when we are hosting an event? We tend to dress our space for the occasion as well, right?

Here are some examples of the little things that add to the ambience.

On special occasions, we light candles to set the mood:

Centerpieces are also important to the mood, a more casual centerpiece will convey a casual evening, but something more formal will convey something special:

People often pull out their fancy dinnerware on special occasions:

Do you have any special occasions coming up?

Happy anniversary to P! Happy occasions to the rest of you :)

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  1. Easter! Easter dinner is as big as Christmas dinner or Thanksgiving in my family. We'll go to the farm and my aunt will have the long table in the dining room decked out in antique linens, fine china and a tablescape of one sort or another.