Friday, March 1, 2013

Marching to Spring

Pun intended!

Happy March! Is spring in the air in your area? Or like those of us in New England, are you in need of some cheering up?

Here is an easy way to boost your mood with a nod to spring: buy a bouquet of flowers! Pick out some big, bright beautiful buds. The buds will last longer, and they will bring a smile to your face as you watch them bloom. Just remember to put them somewhere in your home where you will notice them the most. If you need more than just a bouquet, treat yourself to bold new ceramic vase as well, the fun color and/or shape will be sure to make you happy :)

These colorful vases from West Elm are perfect for Spring!

Seek out your local farmers market and get excited about their seasonal opening!

And if your weather is nice enough this weekend, get out and enjoy it! Take a hike! Spring is the perfect time for some fresh air and outdoor activities--not too hot, not too cold--get out and enjoy it!

If all else fails, check out the DBK Pinterest board on Spring!

Happy Spring!


  1. We just tossed my valentine flowers. I might have to pick some more up. g

  2. We walked 4+ miles this afternoon, but it was cold and I didn't enjoy it so much. As one local friend put it, "At least it stopped snowing?"

    Yeah. I guess... I'm going to have popcorn for dinner, I think.