Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Perfectly Picked :: Small Kitchen Appliances

For being small kitchen appliances, they can really eat away at your counter space!

Hopefully this will come to live on our counter this day.

In our small kitchen, we have a juicer, a coffee pot, a blender, a small fryer, a microwave, a toaster-oven and now a Keurig. But, we do not keep everything on the counter. We only use the necessities. Part of what is tricky is when we moved in, we combined some of these things -- of course only the microwave was P's -- but we use it. We keep the toaster oven and coffee pot in the basement, and the Keurig and the microwave on the counter.

For the others, we have a shelf in our entry that has baskets on the bottom for shoes, hats and gloves, and two baskets on the top for additional food-storage space. The top of the shelf houses the other small kitchen appliances. Since our kitchen and small entry space are adjacent, it makes it easy to pull out the little appliances when we need them, and keep the counter clear when we don't.

We should probably give away the extras that we keep downstairs and just keep the appliances that we really use...hmm.

The bottom line is, you should pick the appliances that will really help you in your kitchen and that you will really use! When you buy them, pick a color family and stick to it. If you have have a black and white kitchen, stick to black and/or white pieces. If you like to have bright accents, why not spice it up with bright appliances?! And if they are all bright, they don't have to be the same color, just the same tones.

Happy Kitchening!


  1. I have stuff on the counter I don't use. The counters are just a gathering ground and I need to do something about that. My kitchen is very earth toned with bright red accents, so the KA is RED! everything else is stainless. g

  2. Our counter appliances are a hot mess. The only ones that live on the counter are the blue KA (bought by the Knight because he liked the color with NO regard for decor... so it has a cover) and the Keurig, which is a dark red. Everything else goes in a cabinet or drawer.