Friday, March 22, 2013

Product Review: Bello Towel by Sferra

About two months ago when I was first starting out at Fig Linens, I was given a Bello Towel by Sferra to test out.

Here are the specs:
Manufacturer: Sferra
Color: Rust
Material: 100% combed cotton, made in Belgium
Washes: Easy care, machine washable
Color after Wash: The color held true to what it was after several washes.

The review: 

  • The selection of colors available is vast in this line, with 24 options. Upon first touch, the towel was soft, with a short napp, but not what I would call "fluffy." After washing the first time, it grew softer, but didn't gain fluff, it also had a relatively quick dry time (I find that some towels can take forever to dry).
  • When I used the towel the first time, I felt that I had to rub my skin more in order for it to really absorb all the moisture, but after the second pass through the washing machine, this was resolved. I have continued to use the towel finding that it adequately dries me after a shower. I like that while it absorbs nicely, it doesn't seem to get soggy. 
  • My only real negative comment on this towel is that I didn't get to choose the color so it isn't a great look in my bathroom, but I could easily see myself buying more in a color that would coordinate better. 

Do you have a favorite brand or style for your towels?


  1. I do not. We still use the same two towels we got as a wedding present. 18 years later! I have tried buying new towels, but they don't seem to absorb water - so what's the point. This one sounds like it might be worth trying.

    Good review - love that you pointed out pros and cons and stated you were given the towel with the intent to review it. I strongly dislike reviews that are only ever positive. :) g

  2. Hmmm... We've been experimenting with bamboo and bamboo blend towels. We like soft and absorbent, and we're not finding the bamboo truly absorbent. It's very soft, but it smears the water around more than it really absorbs. We've also found with both the bamboo and the blends that the side we're using matters. Isn't that odd?!