Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Styles :: Traditional

Sometimes the hardest part of deciding how to create a space you truly love is identifying your design style.

This is a great example of a traditional study. By Tiffany Farha Designs

To clear some of that up for you, I will be featuring a different style each week until we are done. During these features you can look forward to reading some key features of that style, as well as seeing how some famous pieces that are key to that style.

This week we will talk traditional.

Here is a traditionally designed foyer (found on Pinterest)

When I think traditional, I think of tailored, structured furnishings with more organic shapes (lines that tend to curve, or flare). I think of tufted upholstered pieces with fluted and/or tapered legs, with overall more ornate detailing. I think of detailed moulding profiles, wainscoting, chair rail moulding and built-in hutches and bookcases.

Some famous traditional pieces:

A classic traditional Wingback.

Chippendale style chairs are very traditional.

This Louis XVI is ultra traditional.

So this should give you an idea of what a traditional style is. Granted, this is my interpretation of traditional, but what do you think? Are you a traditionalist when it comes to your decor?

Next week we will contrast this Saturday Styles with Modern. For more traditional, check out the traditional board we've got going on Pinterest.

Happy Styling!

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  1. One of my favorites! I love traditional and most of the cottage styles, and French Country... No, our sectional doesn't fit any of the above, but it is functional and makes the Knight and Sissy VERY happy, so... hem.