Monday, April 29, 2013

Dramatic Dining Room Details

As a follow up on how to set your table, I wanted to share some details that I love to see and spec in dining rooms.

Kelly Wearstler wallpaper with Mirrors from Crate & Barrel.

If you have a separate dining room, there are a number of ways to make it shine. Your dining room should have dramatic details that create a mood of romance and sophistication. Not to worry if that isn't what you are looking for, adjust the dimmer switch on your lighting, and it is perfect for hosting the family holiday dinner.

Benjamin Moore Black Raspberry (2072-20) and Art by Bernard Dunaux (untitled I) from One Kings Lane

Some of the dramatic details include wainscoting the lower portion of the wall and using a deep-muted paint color or a bold wallpaper for the upper portion of the wall.

Braxton Sideboard from Neiman Marcus

Find a painting that you love, something scenic or abstract with good colors, that you can draw from for other details. This is a good area to invest. Go to a gallery and find something that is original that you truly love!

Flatiron Dining Table from Restoration Hardware

Lighting is key! You will need a bold chandelier for your dining room, and if your table and room are large enough, you can pair twin fixtures over the table. Your lighting should be layered so you can include table lamps on your sideboard or sconces above it. Also be sure to properly light your painting.

Darla Area Rug in Sky from OKL

An area rug is also important. This will ground the space, literally and visually. You want to make sure it is large enough for your table and chairs to sit on but also for your chairs to be pulled out. There is nothing worse than getting your chair stuck on the rug when you are at a dinner party. Most likely, you will need a unique size, in which case you can seek out a rug warehouse that will  cut a rug for you to add a special binding or border, creating not only the right size, but a perfect and unique rug for your space.

Harlow Chandelier from Hinkley Lighting

Then the final detail is up to you and your cooking! Invite your friends over for dinner, and really let your space perfectly hold your event.

Vintage Brass Sconce from Robinson Lighting

Check here for more on the dramatic details I love in a dining room.

Happy Dining!

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  1. My dining room is the room I day dream about. Double pedestal mahogany table, and now, I'm thinking I want twin chandlers too...