Thursday, April 18, 2013

Perfectly Picked :: Table Linens

How do you pick the linens that will work just right?

This plate from Crate & Barrel... well with this table cloth from Anthropologie.
If you are my mother, you have so many sets of dishes that you don't need to worry about what matches because inevitably you have a set that will match!

Otherwise, you should decide where you want to make the statement: your linens or your dinnerware. I could go either way, but I think linens are more affordable to change up and make a bigger statement (even if the statement is small). Therefore, my dishes are neutrals... I have a white, grey, and a black-and-white-patterned set, and they all go with everything!

So I would pick my table linens based on the dinner party, event, or the season. For spring, or a holiday that falls in spring like Passover or Easter, I like something floral. It can be bright or pastels; then for your napkins you can choose something with a small print, maybe polka dots to coordinate, or a solid that pulls from the pattern.

Also from C&B this colorful plate works well with solid linens.
Like this spring time pop of orange, from Sferra's festival table linens.

Don't fret if your dishes don't coordinate with your tablescape, it certainly isn't the end of the world! Just make sure the elements of your table setting work together, and you will be fine!

This pretty plate from Pier 1 would be fun to mix patterns with.
Prints like this, another table cloth from Anthropologie.

For example you can always go with a solid pulled from the pattern in your dinnerware, or you can have fun with some pattern mixing! (And it really is fun!)

The bottom line is, pick things that feel right for your dinner, the season that it is in and the holiday that it is for! Try and coordinate your table cloth or runner with your napkins and have fun with it!

Happy Table Setting!


  1. I almost always use an antique white or cream table cloth, depending on which dishes I'm using. I do own a red-green-gold plaid cloth too.

  2. I was in Pier 1 a couple of weeks ago and they had some fabulous sunflower dishes. I was good and didn't buy anything. :) g