Sunday, April 7, 2013

Year of the Wedding

For P & I, 2012 was the year of the wedding. In all, we were invited to something like six weddings and were able to make four of them due to timing and weather. This year we already have two weddings to attend and then we have ours to plan for next year! (Which may in part explain where some of my blogging time has gone...sorry!)

Even before P and I were engaged, I was paying attention to wedding decor so I could stock up some photos to share with you. For the most part, I think the decor of a wedding reception can be translated to most parties. You may choose to tone down the elements of love, and whatnot... but there are some great ideas when it comes to theme, centerpieces, etc., that can be translated.

So here is a look at a few of the weddings that we attended last year:

This wedding was inside a theater, and the reception was on the stage.

This wedding was more low key but still had a lot of charm.

Peacock feathers hung from the ceiling while empty frames adorned the walls.

A cupcake stand is a great way to show off your sweet treats.

This was a winter wedding with silver branches draped with jewels decking the hall. 

So, do you have any parties coming up? Would you ever consider using a theme or idea from a wedding you attended at as the jumping-off point for your party? I suppose it really depends on the type of event you were hosting, and to what scale you would decorate.

For more ideas, I have been pinning wedding ideas like crazy!

Happy Planning!


  1. which pictures are from what weddings? I like some of the outdoorsy lighting styles for the deck - with or without a party. g

  2. Sure! I'm not much on themes though... but in theory, I take my inspiration where I can find it.